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HomeProducts Construction Machinery Parts SPARE PARTS Blowers Motor 24V AIRTRONIC D4 Plus / D4S 252145992000 / 25211400200 / 252114200200

Blowers Motor 24V AIRTRONIC D4 Plus / D4S 252145992000 / 25211400200 / 252114200200

item No: 252145992000
Remarks:Replacement for Eberspacher Airtronic D4S/24v
Engine Model:Diesel
MOQ:1 Set
252114200200 - motor number
Eberspacher Airtronic D4S Heater Blower Motor 24v
Suitable for the following D4 S Air Heaters
252145050000 AIRTRONIC D4 S
252498050000 D4S AIRTRONIC 24v
24 volt only
Part number 252114200200 may be identified on motor body

 Eberspacher Blowers Motor 24V 

AIRTRONIC D4 Plus / D4S  252145992000 / 25211400200

252145050000, Airtronic D4 S

252498050000, Airtronic D4 Plus

Eberspacher Airtronic D4 Combustion Blower Motor 12v,
replaces  part ID 252113200200,
Suitable for the following Eberspacher Airtronic heaters:
Eberspacher Heater Airtronic D4 Heaters,
252113050000 D4 Airtronic12v,
252317050000 D3 12v,
201812050000 B4 Airtronic 12v,
252318050000 Airtronic D4 Camper,