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HomeProducts Truck Brake System KNORR-BREMSE KNORR AE4528 Four Circuit Prot. Valve

KNORR AE4528 Four Circuit Prot. Valve

item No: II37464

KNORR AE4528 / II37464 

Four Circuit Prot. Valve

G.W: 1.73KG

Size: 192 x 101 x 143 mm

KNORR AE4528 / II37464 

Air Inlet port(s) size

Air Delivery port(s) size
21,22,23,24,25,26: Voss NG12 M22x1,5
Circuit 1
Feedback with Bypass
Circuit 1 - Open/close pressure [bar]
7,0-0,3 / >4,5
Circuit 1 - Pressure Limiting [bar]
Not included
Circuit 2
Feedback with Bypass
Circuit 2 - Open/close pressure [bar]
7,0-0,3 / >4,5
Circuit 2 - Pressure Limiting [bar]
Not included
Circuit 3
Non-feedback with no bypass
Circuit 3 - Open/close pressure [bar]
7,5-0,3 / >4,5
Circuit 3 - Pressure Limiting [bar]
8,5 +0,0/-0,4
Circuit 4
Feedback with Bypass
Circuit 4 - Open/close pressure [bar]
7,0-0,3 / >4,5
Circuit 4 - Pressure Limiting [bar]
8,5 +0,0/-0,4
Bleed-back safety feature
Controlled by Circuit 1
Circuits' supply
Internal series supply from C's 1 and 2 to 3, C4 is before C1-2
With Electrical pressure sensing