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item No: WD615.47
Model WD615.62 WD615.87 WD615.69 WD615.47
Type 6-cylinder in line, 4-stroke, water-cooled, turbocharged, air-to-air intercooled, direct injection

Size: 1750 x 850 x 1400 mm

N.W: 850KGS

G.W: 1025KGS


HOWO Engine, Sinotruk Engine, STEYR engine assembly Wd615.47 manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Sinotruk Wd615.47 371HP Diesel Engine for HOWO, Weichai/Deutz Tractor Engine 130HP, Weichai Wp6g Diesel Engine forAgriculture Machinery, Tractor Engine and so on.

1 HW47130132 HOWO WD615.47 (47 machine/371 horsepower/71 degree thermostat/Mitsubishi starter/export/rear power)
2 HW47140132 HOWO WD615.47 (P8500 pump, air release valve, double cylinder, non-road country II)
3 HW47130172 HOWO WD615.47 (P8500 pump, right-hand car, coarse filter mounted on the frame, Euro II export)
4 HW47100502 HOWO WD615.47 (P8500 pump/electric heating/silicone fan/Euro Ⅱ/mining truck/preheating)
5 HW47120202 HOWO WD615.47 (EVB installed, export)
6 HW47100110 HOWO WD615.47 (with EVB/71 degrees/Mitsubishi starter/export)
7 HW69070118 HOWO WD615.69 (P8500 pump/export car/71℃/intake air heating/Euro Ⅱ)
8 HW87090603 HOWO WD615.87 (off-road vehicle, 71 degree thermostat, export, Mitsubishi starter)
9 HW47120212 WD615.47 (71 degree thermostat/EVB/new structure ductile iron flywheel housing/Mitsubishi starter/export/mining vehicle)
10 HW47150105 WD615.47 (D10B engine support/coarse filter mounted on the frame/Euro II/export)
11 HW47160134 WD615.47 (D10B engine support/supercharger vent valve downward/71 degree thermostat/right/outlet/Euro Ⅱ)
12 HW47150108 WD615.47 (D10B engine support/supercharger vent valve down/EVB/71 degree thermostat/Euro II/export)
13 HW47160344 WD615.47 (D10B engine support/supercharger vent valve downward/silicone oil fan/71 degree thermostat/right/outlet/Euro Ⅱ)
14 HW47150136 WD615.47 (D10B engine support/supercharger vent valve downward/right/outlet/Euro Ⅱ)
15 HW47130102 WD615.47 (EVB/rear power takeoff/71° thermostat/outlet)
16 HW47120322 WD615.47 (EVB/right export/country II)
17 HW47120232 WD615.47 (silicon oil fan/EVB/preheating/new structure ductile iron flywheel housing/Mitsubishi starter/left exit/mining vehicle)
18 A738120222 WD615.47 (China II/supercharger center/right/outlet/71 degrees)
19 A738120152 WD615.47 (supercharger central/TGA/71℃ thermostat/export/country II)
20 HW62110901 WD615.62 (automatic transmission/Allison gearbox/rear power take-off)
21 HY69120122 WD615.69 (1.5kW motor/center fan Φ640/export)
22 HW69150132 WD615.69 (D10B engine support/supercharger vent valve down/outlet/Euro Ⅱ)
23 HW69150162 WD615.69 (D10B engine support/supercharger vent valve downward/right/outlet/Euro Ⅱ)
24 HY69140101 WD615.69 (rear power take-off/electronic/central fan/national II/export/without EVB)
25 HW87150172 WD615.87 (D10B engine support/export/Euro Ⅱ)
26 HW87110117 WD615.87 (P8500 pump/Mitsubishi starter/71 degree thermostat/EVB/right car/Euro Ⅱ)
27 A738140101 WD615 Country II/Supercharger Center/EVB/Export/Mitsubishi