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HomeProducts Truck Spare parts SITRAK SITRAK Man MC11 D20 Engine Spare Part (201-01102-6455) Cylinder Block for D2066

SITRAK Man MC11 D20 Engine Spare Part (201-01102-6455) Cylinder Block for D2066

item No: 201-01102-6455
Original SITRAK Man MC11 (MAN D20) Engine Spare Part (201-01102-6455) Cylinder Block for D2066


MAN MC11 crankcase

Vermicular cast iron cylinder block, Long men style unique structure design: Sharply higher stiffness and strength of the cylinder body, reduce weight

Integral cylinder head: Good sealing, high strength, good rigidity, high reliability
Overhead camshaft: Valve-train sharply higher stiffness, precision control with gas phase, improves combustion, and at the same time reduces the mechanical damage and failure rate
Cylinder block and cylinder head independent cooling waterway and lubricating oil way: Eliminate risk of oil and water leakage between cylinder block and cylinder head; significantly improve the cooling performance and reliability
The rear timing gear chamber: Effectively reduce gear noise
Advanced modular design: 25percent fewer parts, reduce the sealing components, reduce the leakage risk
Long life : B10 life up to 1.5 million kilometers
Long oil change cycle :oil change mileage of 60000 kilometers
Economic and efficient :The minimum specific fuel consumption of 186 g/kW. H
Powerful: MC11 maximum rated power of 440 ps, maximum torque of 2100 nm;